Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everything that is cool

is in this post.

I finally made myself the green hat I've been needing ever so badly.

My green hat

Seriously you guys, ever since Jeffrey gave Laura a beautiful green hat, my heart has been full of envy. I bought myself some bright green yarn before Christmas, started it yesterday, finished it this morning. Actually, I wasn't leaving the house until it was finished because my hair was bad. I'm not sure if the beautiful green is shining through quite right in this picture, but it has stolen my heart.

I did a little thrifting yesterday and today. Today I won this sweet sweatshirt:

Glitter Tiger

Ok, so I actually paid $1 for it, but I would have paid $1000 for it. There's some "beauty" setting on my new digital camera that's supposed to smooth out your features, and I think the Chainsaw was using it on me in these photos. Something is masking the brightness of the shirt (matches my new hat pretty well!) and the fact that the tiger is outlined in glitter. Yes, I said glitter. This needs washed, and next time I wear it I'll try to document the sparkles a little better.

I'm slacking off in Style School as I'm in South Dakota "babysitting" my sister Alyssa while my parents are in Mexico. Can't wait to get home and get to work!

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Melissa said...

That IS an awesome hat!! Now I'm envious!

Also, I'd have to check the shirt rulebook, but I'm pretty sure that tiger sweatshirt gives you the same power as a howling wolf shirt.