Friday, January 29, 2010

Owl Scowl

One of my Style School goals was to make my house feel more homey and comfortable. We've lived in our house for more than 3 years, and it's never really felt like home.

I've already started buy hanging more stuff on the walls. The walls in my bathroom were totally naked, so I hung this glorious owl portrait above my bathtub. It was a $3 thrift score.

Thrifted Owl Art

Aren't they adorable? I love animals with mean/grumpy looking faces.

Thrifted Owl Art

I seriously love the scowl on that baby owl. OWL SCOWL!


That's also why I love Persian cats.

Anyway, I found this on a Style School classmate's blog:

Isn't it lovely?! There's even a tutorial. I showed it to the Chainsaw, and he's on board. Now I need to find the perfect wall.

I'm going to go get to work on some new wallets. Hope you're having a lovely Friday!


Melissa said...

I'm not kidding--we had that exact owl picture in our house for 20 years or so.

jmcneese said...

it probably *is* your old picture.

heather (making time) said...

cool! i'd highly recommend a mural :) I thought it would be too bright, but it's on the north side of the house which really needed colour.