Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Post for a New Year

I know I've been a bit absent (again!), but I thought I might stop in and say hi.

Notes on the past month or so:

1. The Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade craft fair was AWESOME. I did better that I thought I would, selling most of my wallets, button earrings, pouches, and wristlets. I also got some cool new stuff for myself, trade style or through cash transactions. My verdict on craft fairs: I need to get in on more of those!

2. I got a flier for the Denver Handmade Alliance craft swap at the fair, and I was super dooper excited about it. Of course, it was the night before I had to get up early and fly to Eastern SD for a wedding, but I'm so glad I went. I met some cool people and scored some very cool handmade items. Pictures are coming, I promise!

3. I left Felix at home with Chainsaw to go be a bridesmaid for the first time in my friend Katie's wedding. I have to admit that getting away from home and the responsibilities that come with it felt pretty good. Katie and Rob started dating at pretty much the same time I started dating Chainsaw, and I was super excited to be part of the joining of their spirits.

4. Christmas was good. We didn't get to go home at our scheduled time due to blizzard induced house arrest, but it was a good excuse to wear jambles all day and watch silly movies on tv.

5. New Year's was also good. I had tons of fun going out in Boulder with Chainsaw, Laura, and Jeff. We celebrated 2009 with $3 car bombs and $1.50 well drinks.

Irish Car Bombs

Laura and Ashley

Black and Tan

I got a new little camera for Christmas from my mom, so expect more pictures in the future. I should get back to crafting here shortly, as most of my stock is cleaned right out from the fair and the swap. I'm excited to start creating in 2010!

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