Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was lucky enough to score a variety of vintage buttons in South Dakota last week.

Vintage Buttons

These were from an antique store with jars of buttons organized by color. You got to dump them out and pick your own winners for five cents a pop. I counted them myself, and the lady at the counter was so happy she actually gave me several for free. I do prefer this method to buying a whole jar of who knows what, although I do love the thrill of dumping a jar.

Vintage Buttons

These pink ladies were from a different antique store. They were in little packages of five for $1.

Vintage buttons

How pretty are these? I have no idea what I paid for them, but I'm sure it was more than 60 cents!

Vintage Buttons

These are from a jar dump.

Vintage Buttons

Vintage Buttons

I love these metal guys.


This is the junk that came out of the jar, including by not limited to old crayon pieces, rocks, pins, clip on earring backs, upholstery screw thingies, zipper parts, dirty fabric covered buttons, etc.

I washed all the cool paired buttons and will be making earrings soon! I don't think I even got any pictures of my vintage button earrings that I brought to the craft fair on account of they sold like nobody's business. The hardest part is letting some of the cool ones go out in the world without me, but I know they're hanging out with cool ladies.

I'm planning on giving some away soon!

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Melissa said...

Those teal buttons on the card made my eyes all sparkly!