Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun new things

Please excuse my promise to show off my new dress today. To be honest, I thought yesterday was Thursday and that I was going to wear it today. Turns out it was Wednesday. I was going to show it off anyway, but it turns out all the photos were blurry or not full body shots.

So here are a few lovely things I traded for at Jonesy's Art Bazaar last weekend.


I got this beautiful original art (that's right, original!!) from Cari at Conari Arts. She was a super sweet, super cool lady, and I'm hopefully going to drop in for an art class soon!


I got this super awesome headband from Meredith at In Joy & Play. I would link to her website, but it seems to not be there. She also makes cute leather mustaches, which were impossible for me to resist.



Ok, back to work. I'm crunch time crafting for tomorrow night. Come see me if you can! I'm going to wear my new dress, so I'll for sure be showing it off before I go.

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