Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New pouches




These pretty patchwork pouches are in my shop right now!

Felix and I are going to go to Boulder and see if we can score some books from the used book store for a gift. I personally love knowing when a gift recipient won't be offended by a second hand gift. It usually means I can afford to buy more! I also personally appreciate receiving gifts from the thrift store or used book store.

Would you be offended by a previously owned gift?

I just joined the Vintage Savoir Fair Grow a Long. I tend to be a ruthless slayer of plants, but I'd love to grow a few herbs and use them practically, and that's all we're doing here. I need to get myself some mint, thyme, and chamomile (and calendula bonus plant, if I so desire). Come play along if you've got a mind to.

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Becky Farley said...

Absolutely not - my aunt gives me antique/vintage stuff and I LOVE them - maybe better than "new" gifts.

Ps you pouches are perfect!

And here is the button lady I used and I really like the button and she was very helpful!