Friday, May 21, 2010

My new dress


Here is the dress I made this week.

Basically, I took a lacy black tshirt from the thrift store, cut some excess of the bottom, attached a piece of big black elastic, and sewed on a skirt I made out of a thrift store skirt! I didn't really like the neckline on the shirt, so I expanded it a little. I would have loved a v-neck, but this was my first foray into sewing with knit fabric, and I didn't trust my skills not to mess it up when I want to wear it tonight.

Velvet Wristlet

You might recognize the fabric here, where I used the top of the original skirt to make an adorable wristlet, which no one seemed to want to buy. I considered that a sign that I was meant to keep it for myself!

I loved the original skirt, but it was a smidge too tight for me. So now I get to have it as a bag and a dress!

I need to find more cute tops to make more of these!


I BLEED PINK said...

Oh this is so cute!!!! I've been buying a ton of dresses like this, but need to get my lazy butt together and just make one.

Becky Farley said...

Wow lady!! First, did you dye your hair? It looks different and very pretty! That purse is so awesome!!

Megpie said...

You have been a busy girl...where do you find the time with a little one?

Hannah B. said...

Too cute, Miss Ashley Ann! :D