Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mood Nail Polish

When Kaylah at Dainty Squid showed off her mood nail polish from Claire's, I wanted some in a bad, bad way. Luckily the stars aligned, and I had to go to the mall to get a birthday present (that I tried to locate at several thrift/used book stores). I returned from the mall triumphant!

Mood Nail Polish

It's this pretty gray color when I'm cold. My hands are wet because I was cheating and using water to change the colors. It's already kind of starting to change in this photo, but it's the grayest!

Mood Nail Polish

It's this pretty peach color when it's warm.

Mood Nail Polish

And this is how awesome it looks usually. The nails on my right hand are shorter and looked less awesome.

This polish did dry pretty fast, but I had zero problems painting with it as long as I made sure to keep my brush wet at all times. It also seemed to last pretty well. I'm usually all chipped up the day after I do it, but they didn't start looking crappy until I started doing yard work. I got the blue one too, which I'll be pleased to report on soon!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Ashley!

I'm moving into a fancy new condo in about a month. I'm thinking that I want a beautiful curtain to cover up my laundry alcove...would you be willing to make one for me?

You can see a photo of the space here:

Also, if you know anyone moving to Austin, I need a roommate!


Megpie said...

I need mood fingernail polish like I need more beads, but I WANTS it....