Thursday, May 13, 2010

My creative space: The Dirty Truth

I love the pretty pictures people show of their creative spaces. I tried to keep mine clean for a while, and it looks like I need to remember to do a better job of that:


Here is the dirty truth of my creative space. I've been crafting hard, demolishing shirts from the thrift store, and making a mess that is not necessarily contained to this area. I'm going to do a little inventory, and unless I NEED to make more stuff before the craft fair, I NEED to clean my house.


I also got started on my Grow-A-Long. I found my Thyme plant at one store and the mint today at another. Apparently the three herbs I need must not reside in one location or the world might end.


I'll have to go search out my chamomile soon! For the record, right after I took this photo I went to move the plants back inside and busted my pot on that crack. GRRR.


Hannah B. said...

My workspace looks just about the same way (except with scraps of tulle everywhere!) and yesterday, instead of cleaning like I should have, I spent the evening in the garden! Now I have company coming at 9:30 and am still avoiding the vacuum :/

Megpie said...

Ashley, my bead room is just as bad. And I had to take over another room in the basement so that my beads and my fabric didn't have to put up with one another...they fight when I'm not there, and it made me nervous to leave them alone.

Hannah: I have a sign that says 'I cleaned my house yesterday...wish you could have seen it' and a pin that states 'Housework if for people who don't bead'....that pretty much sums up my philosophy on house cleaning when there are crafty things to be done!