Saturday, September 4, 2010


Our first stop on our epic journey was Chicago, which was a beautiful city filled with very nice people. We spent a day wandering around, and I highly recommend renting one of these babies for cruising around the lake.


Of course, Chainsaw got to drive. The wheel on my side was for looks, although I did try to help Chainsaw around some corners by using it.


Accidental shots are the best sometimes!



I met this giant penguin outside of a candy store, and we hit it off right away. We were like peas and carrots. We were like penguins, Ashley, and ice creams.


We found no one offering speed humps ahead.




The giant mirror bean thing was cooler than I expected. I was surprised at the amount of people getting TO'd about other people ending up in their shot. Hello? There are a brazillion people trying to take pictures of their reflections people. Deal with it, ok?


We stayed with Chainsaw's friend Carlos and his wonderful fambly. He took us to his favorite restaurant, The Kitsch'n.


This is the bathroom. I don't make a habit out of photographing myself in public bathrooms, but I kind of just wanted to hang out in this bathroom forever. It's somewhat next to a giant thrift store outlet, a magical place where I spent $10 on 3 vintage dresses, 1 not vintage dress, and a tank top. There's also a vintage clothes store that is awesome. I got a couple adorable dresses, one of which was brand new vintage. She called it dead stock.

Ok, special thanks to Carlos once again. We had a glorious time in Chicago!!


Melissa said...

Reading the menu at Kitsch'n is pretty much menu porn. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley!

It was a pleasure for us to host such gracious people like yourselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Chainsaw (WTF with that nickname?!) and meeting you for the first time. My kids hit it off with you guys right away and I am sure Adriana and you can be great buddies.

Please, let's make this happen again sometime soon. But let's include some kids this time! I am sure Felix and Sabina will hit it off right away.