Friday, September 3, 2010

I did a bad thing to a good dress

with fantastic results!

I didn't take any before pictures unfortunately, but I found this gorgeous floor length 60's dress at a vintage store on clearance for $8. Of course I couldn't zip it, but I triple double loved the fabric.

I cut the bottom of the dress off to utilize the hem, made a casing, and inserted some elastic. Voila!


I love it so much. I also loved being able to wear knee socks yesterday. September hasn't been messing around with the cool breezes.

I also made a lap top case for myself out of the fabric and have a couple pieces left. I'll be back soon with pictures of that and some fun new pouches.

Here's Felix on his first day of school.


I like how he HAS to criss cross the velcro on his shoes now. It looks cooler, right? This is what he wanted to wear to school:


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I BLEED PINK said...

You look so cute!! I love that skirt.