Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creature Feature

We met this glorious cat at our friends' Adam and Heidi's wedding last month.

I named him Jeffrey and wanted to take him home. We actually seriously discussed bringing him home as he was thought to not have an official owner. Luckily we decided not to take him. I say luckily because he ended up having owners, and I'm glad I'm no guilty of animal theft. He was so sweet and fun that I decided it was about dang time to let my snuggly cat dreams come true. Jezebel Lincoln is only a little snuggly and only when she feels like it.


Enter Double Rainbow Lincoln, the cutest four month old calico kitten that currently resides in my bedroom. Of course, she had to go and have a respiratory infection that we noticed within hours of bringing her home. It's super contagious, so she's been quarantined to our room since then.


She was actually rescued from Casper, Wyoming. Apparently Pet Smart (I think that's what they said) pays to save animals from kill shelters and move them to no kill shelters. Pretty cool!

She is indeed sweet and seems to have some kind of double motor. She has her regular purr, but when she's REALLY happy, another purr seems to come in simultaneously, resulting in what I like to refer to as her double motor.

Anyway, I can't wait for the quarantine to be lifted. Nana wants to hang out with her (but she's scared of Nana) and DR wants to hang out with Jezebel (who is scared of DR). Ahhh, the circle of fear.

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LeeAnn said...

Will the Double Rainbow craze ever end?! :P She's a cutie pie for sure!