Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I love


Laura took this glorious photo of me after I did a quick change on account of evening breezes, and I would like to point out some things I love here.

1. I already said this, but my turquoise cowboy boots. They look cool with everything and are super comfortable. Thanks lady in South Dakota who broke them in and only wanted 50 cents in trade. I just spent several times that on turquoise shoe polish and am excited to pretty them up.

2. Fanny packs. Laura told me how sold she was on full time fanny pack use, and I have to agree. The hands free bag action is luxurious. Perfect for thrifting for sure. I think I'm going to make myself a more perfect fanny pack.

3. Plaid shirt/jacket I found at the park. It was there for three consecutive days and soaking with rain. I decided that after three days it was fair game. If someone wanted it back, they would have reclaimed it by then. It's super soft and matches my boots.

4. Favorite vintage necklace, courtesy of Kris, courtesy of Grandma Mary. I never met Kris's Grandma Mary, but I'm pretty sure we would have been best friends. Kris is in possession of her jewel treasures, and we love to go through them every couple visits.

5. The more cups on my table the better.

6. My son owns a camouflage jacket.

7. New bag for my lappy, which I pretty much never take anywhere anyway.

The end!

I didn't even realize how many of my favorite things were packed into this picture. Thanks to Laura for capturing it. What's your favorite thing today?

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carmar76 said...

My favorite thing today was getting to see Leyton for 2 minutes. Heh.

And also, I really like your red wall and turquoise boots. Nifty!