Friday, March 16, 2012

Cat Beach

We were directed to the tippy tip tip of South Beach one lovely evening as the best place to catch a pretty sunset.  Pretty sunset?  Check.

Imagine my surprise when we discovered that this pretty spot was infested with glorious wild beasts!  Every few steps we saw another cat!

Oh look!  It's Jezebel's beach cousin!

This cat is possibly a witch's familiar.  It's also possibly AWESOME.

Action Cat! This cat needs a cape.

Kittens!  Awww!

The Chainsaw is some sort of cat whisperer.  See him here trying to whisper in some cats?  He failed.  Do you know who succeeded?  ME!  I pet some wild, possibly diseased cats.  And then I ate a mahi mahi sandwich without washing my hands first because I laugh in the face of danger!

These are the cats I pet.  Somebody really wanted to catch all these cats and put them in her suitcase.  Not naming any names.

Anywho, I highly suggest any peoples who love both cats and beaches to check out Cat Beach.  I have no idea what this beach is called by people who don't know that there couldn't be a better name for this place than Cat Beach.  Here are some directions.  Go to South Beach.  Walk to the southest part.  Ok, I just looked it up, and it's called South Pointe Park, which does make some sense, I guess.

Is it bad that the next post in my head also involves a cat?  Not my own, mind you!  I'm not some crazy cat lady obsessed with my own cats.  Or am I?  Jezebel needs a kill chart.  Which sounds better: Jezeslayer or Slayerbel

I'm off to clean the shit out of my house, yo!  We're celebrating Felix's SIXTH trip around the sun, yo!  Can you believe that?  Tomorrow's the party.  Tuesdays the birthday.

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