Monday, March 5, 2012

Mostly random with a chance of what the what?

The Chainsaw got me some purty roses for Valentimes Day.

I tried to pawn them off on some neighbors when we left for our vacation a few days later, but no ladies were home.  So I left them on the counter.  When we got home, they still looked ok!  I mean, they were mostly dead, but...they looked ok, you know?

And by ok, I mean kind of sexy in a mostly dead flower kind of way.

So I enjoyed my dead flowers on the counter for almost another week before I sent them off to their flowery grave.

In other news, I went "thrifting" with Roxann the week before we left.  I put thrifting in quotes because neither of our hearts were in it and we didn't buy a thing.  Then we went to Sputnik and had some dranks and ate corn dogs with Becky.  Our table had this awesome artwork hanging over it.

The picture is not so good, but I don't give a shit because I'm an asshole.

Then we all paid with our Hot Butter wallets.  Ahhhhh!

Yesterday I made home made lasagna with home made sauce for the second time, and DANG.  It's so good.  You may or may not know that onions are my nemesis.  I enjoy their flavor if I don't have to bite into them, so I like to use the cheese grater to "chop" my onions.  No chunks here, senor!  This makes me cry 1000 tears.  Any tried and true no cry onion tips, my dear friends?  I cried off mascara I didn't even know I was wearing.

Thanks for noticing the shitty skin I brought home from Florida.

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