Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Shop Has Been Updated

Like nobody's business.  I worked on this all morning.

Muchos Love Bullets pouches are back on the "shelf," and by shelf I mean in a nice box in the basement waiting to go to a new home.  Please adopt one now.  *cues up some Sarah MacLachlan

I made a bunch of new pouches with words appliqued on they fronts.  This pouch is going to be somebody's lucky pouch.  I know it.  Take it to the casino!  Take it to lunch with your mom (maybe she'll stop trying to be the boss of you!)!  Take it out to the movies and buy it its own ticket because it's lucky like that.

The lucky pouch even has a sister.  Who knew?

New wallets are also available.  A few of them are actually old wallets, making them new old wallets because I haven't clapped my eyes on them in a couple years.  They had been for sale in a store that just got them back to me, and I was excited to see them.  Of course, I would have been more excited about them being sold, but they are so gosh darn cute that I think I was meant to be reunited with them.  There's one I might keep for myself if it doesn't sell in a reasonable amount of time.

Hm.  Well.  Tomorrow I'm going to start work on some special request items, go out with my cosmic brother Andrew, eat 4 clementines (because I ate 3 today, gotta break the record!), and rock my socks off at the Boulder Theater to some Gogol Bordello with my main man Chainsaw, who was so sweet to respond positively to my conning him into buying me tickets as a 3 weeks early birthday present.  And I'll wash my hair.  Probably.

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