Friday, March 2, 2012


SeaWorld is awesome and I highly suggest you go there.  Right now. I think they're open.

I love these flamingos!  Here is a story about a flamingo.  We were driving back to our hotel from Legoland when I saw a bird flying through the sky.  It was pink.  I asked Chainsaw what it was.  He says, "Flamingo."  And then I died from the triumph of seeing a wild flamingo flying through the sky.  That has never happened to me before, and I never suspected it would.  It wasn't even in my wildest dreams because I'd never thought it was a possibility.  Dang!  Time to revise my Wildest Dreams.

We petted some manta rays, which felt kind of gross to me.  Felix and Chainsaw also fed and petted some dolphins, which I did not see.  I believe them.  Mostly because they took my last $14 and came back with fishy fingers.

The Shamu show was AWESOME.  There were eleventy billion people there. It made me tear up a little.  You know when Hootie says he's such a baby because the dolphins make him cry?  It was like that a little.  I understand, Hootie.  I understand.

Felix made a possum buddy.  We later saw his cousin dead on the side of the road.  Sad.

I made this walrus buddy.  For reals.  The walruses might have been my favorite part of SeaWorld.

I could watch these guys all day.  I also liked their across the tank neighbors, the belugas, but the walruses were the best.

After SeaWorld the Chainsaw treated us to a Medieval Times show, which was also super number one badass.  We cheered for the green knight, who is the bad guy!

This picture sucks, but I assume you can get the feeling of how awesome we were while we were there.  I bought a flag.  And I spent a brazillian holes on drinks in collectible goblets/steins.  From now on we only drink like royalty, and you MUST refer to us as milord and milady.

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