Friday, March 9, 2012

Disney World!

This is what some people look like while they're waiting for the first of several Disney transportation devices you have to take to get to the Magical Kingdom from the parking lot.  We parked in the villains lot.  Caption Hook Section.  Anyway, it's an excited look!

Some of ya'll know I harbor a great love of camels.  They're so badass and silly at the same time.  My animal hero!

Felix was scared of EVERYTHING. We paid him $1 for every bravery test ride he had to take to spend later at Legoland.

I love this picture for obvious reasons.  Are the reasons not obvious to you?  Ok, I'll explain.  That guy.  His lady friend.  Also that print on my top plus the place my body got cut off makes my boobs look both huge and weird.  Hey boobs!  You are kind of big and weird.  This picture captured your personalities!

It's a Small World is probably my favorite ride.  I feel like I'm on drugs, but no drugs are allowed at Disney World.  The magic is the drugs!!

Felix loves Pluto!

I loooove Felix's face when the fireworks started!  He was oohing and ahhing audibly, not just inside like I was!

This is  us at the end of the night, waiting for the second leg of our trip back to the villains lot, Captain Hook section.  We are tired, freezing, and our shoes hurt.

Thanks for letting me post one thousandy pictures.  Oh wait!  I do what I want.  Now have an awesome weekend.  Was that bossy?  Good.

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