Monday, March 12, 2012

Concert Week

Hello friends!  I had the big dirty pleasure of seeing not one, but two of my favorite bands within a few days of each other.  LUCKY!  That's my birthday month for you, totally awesome.

Chainsaw took me to see Gogol Bordello for my (super early) birthday present.  It was amazing.  They put on an awesome show, and the Boulder Theater is my favorite place to see them so far.  It's cozy.

I wore my star crown over a hair do I called the "French Whore." Chainsaw said I looked like the sea witch.  You know, Ursula.  To that, I said thanks and told him that I just needed his voice.

My two favorite parts of any GB show:
1. When Eugene takes his shirt off and reveals his skinny, sweaty man glory!  Ha, that sounds dirty.  I mostly just like that he rocks so hard that he uh, gets too hot? Whatever.  NEXT.
2.  When Eugene starts carrying a bottle of red wine around with him.  He thirsty.

Thirsty like the guy who spilled a good portion of his vodka Red Bull down my arm while trying to put the moves on me, then offering to "wash me" to make it all better.  He'd use soap and everything.  Boy, please.

Saturday I went on a date with my own fantastic self to see Diego's Umbrella at Cervante's in Denver.  They had some kind of troupe of people I lovingly refer to as "The Freak Show" present to entertain us.  I'm talking aerial dancing, dudes made out of mirrors, some magic crystal ball hands dude, dancing hula hoop ladies, fire dancers, etc.  Never a dull moment!

Also, the disco ball in the ballroom is badass sexy times 1000.  I need this for my house.  

I was standing there, watching the mirrored man when some gentlemen asked me if he was my boyfriend.  I told them that I'm not cool enough for that guy, plus he'd tear me up with all those sharp mirrors when we're making out.  Ha!

And here's a shitty shitty picture I took of Diego's Umbrella rocking out complete with party drum.  I couldn't be bothered to try to take any more/better pictures because I was too busy grooving.  Following the DU show, I found myself back in the ballroom shaking it to some funky jazzy stuff.  It was super fun! Then I left before the headliners (have no idea who they were) came on because I was by myself and it was midnight.  Mama needed to stay awake for the drive home.

All in all, concert week was a resounding success.  I find that I'm not opposed to taking myself out solo if there's dancing on the line!

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