Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!


This is how I feel about the upcoming weekend. That is a look of excitement, and yes, I may even have fruit snacks currently stuck in my teeth. Don't tell Felix that I partook without him.

At this point in the blog post I must admit that it is 2:57 pm, and I am eating fruit snacks in my pajamas. In my defense, I ate brunch (too early for lunch, too late for breakfast) at 10:30 and need to raise my blood sugar. I am in my pajamas because I've been too busy sewing to take a shower. I'm considering that as my next activity for the day though.

Corduroy Envelope Bag

Yesterday I finished this cutie and went so far as to post it in my shop. Sooo ambitious! I think I finally got my pattern for that style of bag down pat, but after making three of them I think I'm burned out.

Corduroy Envelope Bag Inside

Speaking of the shop, I decided to do free shipping fo yo mama. So if you're buying a mother's day gift (it could totally be for yourself, and you could be the mother of a cat/dog/actual human being). You do need to mention it in the notes to seller section when you check out to get the shipping refund.

Water you doing this weekend? The word on the street is to expect some chilly weather (snow? are you serious?) around here this weekend, which seems crazy pants after the beautiful week we've had.

I need to mail eleventy billion things and possibly clean carpets. Last week's sick was hard on them.

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Lisa said...

It is SNOWING ON ME right now! (well, not ON me, as I am inside, but 5 feet away on the other side of my window it is snowing. And I HATES IT.)