Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Highlights

We finally made our trip out to SD for Felix's birthday party (which was 3 weeks ago).

Trip highlights:

Day 1: Felix, my youngest sister, and I were waiting in the chiropractor parking lot when Felix tells me he doesn't feel good. He proceeds to fall asleep in the car, which he NEVER does. Youngest sister stops mid conversation to get out and throw up in the snow pile at the edge of the parking lot. She spends all day and night camped out in the bathroom with heated floors. Also, Joshua's back hurts.

Day 2: Felix throws up in the morning. Birthday party canceled. Mom starts not feeling so hot and spends the day on the couch. Joshua's back still hurts. Joshua has not left my mom's house since we arrived. I did get to go to my first estate auction though. More about that later! Also, a ham feast was eaten! Then I went out and (like a true dummy) drank so much that I had to get sick in the middle of the night. I think I told you guys that I don't have good drinking skills. Remember the bus story? I heard the clock ding dong at 2 am. I like to be asleep by 10 pm.

Day 3: Wake up. I had a horrible hangover. Every bending over to pack action made me want to die. I am tired. Joshua can hardly walk. We get the car stuffed to the gills and drive home.

Guess how many pictures I took on that trip? Exactly as many as are in this post. It was like the trip that was never supposed to happen. I guess the universe was trying to tell us something when it created blizzards the weekend we were supposed to come in the first place.

I did walk to the fabric store this morning. I'll try to post something more upbeat soon!

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Anonymous said...

ugh! my nephew had the bug since friday. i got there saturday am and saturday night, i was lying in bed with a fever and stomachache all night. i never did barf -- tho' i kept thinking i'd feel so much better if i could -- but i was barely able to eat more than a few bites of the amazing easter dinner my sister made. bummer!

hope you are all on the mend!