Saturday, March 7, 2009

The bus

I did end up falling off the wagon yesterday. Oops!

I also did not get around to taking pictures of the projects I finished yesterday and the day before. Oops again!

So I thought I would show you something cool of my dad's. Behold the bus!


That is Felix driving the bus.

As you may or may not know, my dad was in a motorcycle accident almost 2 years ago. It was a pretty scary time for us, but my family was so lucky that my dad got to stick around with us in this glorious life. He is now in a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop him from rocking out in his band.

My new Aunt Brendy and her sister Benita used to run a balloon business. They would make super cool balloon sculptures for events and used the big blue bus to haul their stuff around. Benita kindly offered to sell my dad their bus as it has a wheelchair lift, and my dad and his band now use it to haul stuff to their gigs.

Felix loves the bus, and we try to take him for a ride in it whenever we're their. If it's during the day when my new step mom Kris (bus driver for non band related bus travels) is at work, guess who ends up driving that beast? ME!

Bus ride!

Felix's car seat gets strapped in, and off we go! Driving the bus is a truly terrifying adventure. It's kind of like riding a roller coaster, although I'm in charge of where we're going. The wind blows us all over the place, and I have to do my best to keep the bus going straight down the road and the speed down. Although I must admit that I always prefer the highway driving to the in town driving. I am not used to the height, length, brakes, and wheel responses of the bus.

I do always get a kick out of using the handle thing to open the door!


That's how I feel about driving the bus too, dude!

Bonus tidbit: In the efforts of full disclosure, I feel as if I must admit to one time throwing up out the bus window on our way home from Deadwood. I may or may not have drank waaaay too much (in case you didn't realize this, I was NOT being bus driver at this point), as I am a young mother who turned 21 while breastfeeding and hadn't quite mastered the ability to hold my booze at the time of that fateful bus ride. Oops again, I guess!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and not doing anything gross out of a short bus window!


Lisa said...

I have come SO close to losing it on the way home from Deadwood! It's worse with motion sickness from being pregnant than from drinking too much!

heather jane said...

Well, aside from the barfing out the bus window...I loved the bus story. Okay, I'll admit it...the barfing did make it a little more exciting.

I love the blue bus, and I'm really glad your Dad survived the accident.

Seeing the balloons traveling on the blue bus would have been pretty cool.