Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creature Feature!

Somebody I know who lives in my bathroom and takes part in activities that truly disturb me has finally gotten ready for his close up! Ladies and gentlemen, behold Mr. P:

Mr. P

For the record, last night was the first time I ever wore him like a glorious snake necklace, and I am not ashamed to admit that it actually felt pretty cool!

Mr. P

He's looking pretty handsome except for a small still shedding section on his neck. He decided to get ready for his close up last weekend by performing the world's fastest shed. It always seemed like it took forever for him to finish shedding (as in, he would just get done and start again), but he got it done lickety split aside from a little bit on his neck.

Some things to know about Mr. P:

1. His full name is Monty Python. He needs a middle name, right? I was thinking Fluffy, but feel free to throw in ideas.

2. He measure's approximately 2.5 feet. I tried to measure him with the help of Chainsaw, but he wasn't holding still enough.

3. He eats mice every couple weeks. I like to name them. They are all named Lunch. They used to get a number, like Lunch #4, but I have forgotten how many he's had since he came into our possession.

4. Monty has a crush on me. He slithers all over my arms and tongue sniffs me wherever he can. He likes smelling me way more than he does Chainsaw. I think his crush on me has helped us become friends, which we are now. I will officially take him out of his house all on my own, sometimes when Chainsaw isn't even home. See? We're friends.

Look at these glorious scales!

Mr. P

I think it would be really hilarious to make him a snake cozy, but I also think it would impossible to get him into it. I am thinking about crocheting him a scarf or something someday.

Now I must get the Chainsaw to clean his house. He has old skin all over the place, much like a man tosses his socks wherever and expects you to pick them up, only this time the man will do the clean up. I refuse to have anything to do with snake poop or snake astro turf cleaning.

Stay tuned for some crafty goodness tomorrow. I'm going to try the ol' post every day routine for a bit and see how it goes.

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Elizabeth said...

That's one hot snake...you better keep Fang away from him.