Monday, March 9, 2009

New pouches

I'm going to keep my words short today. This morning Felix hit his head on the corner of our granite counter top, which resulted in a bloody head wound. Luckily the cut was very small and I was able to stop the bleeding myself.

This afternoon while I was taking pictures of my new pouches he did the unthinkable. Let's just say he practiced his artistic skills all over the walls of his room using the contents of his diaper. Nuff said.

I am counting the seconds until sweet, sweet bed time.

So, new pouches!


Plaid! Scottie dogs! A flower with a vintage button center!


Fairy pouch


Fairy pouch

The other side. I made two of these. I think one is going go Grandma just for being awesome (and she might have said she wanted a pouch!).

Owl pouch

Appliqued owl pouch

I'm aiming for a shop update tomorrow afternoon. I have more pouches to share, but enough excitement for today, I think!

Monday Mission:
I decided to make Monday a mission day where I'd set some weekly goals. It's too easy to get caught up in the lazies sometimes. So I'm starting to hold myself accountable!

1. Finish 3 purses for the shop
2. Finish my two quilting bee blocks for the month
3. Complete 1 craft book project


Anonymous said...

Cute cute pouches! And oh my about the baby 'painting' with his diaper contents. You know he'll LOVE that story when he's 15! And OMG about the creepy post office lady. That's so funny! x

Simone said...

You are ambitious! I'm just trying to get a bag done for a fair on the 22. Yikes time flies. Now what is the cereal box for? And I like the mermaid pouch. Cheeky.