Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cowboys loose in the big city!

This morning I was minding my own business outside of Hobby Lobby waiting for it to open when I ran into this fine cowboy specimen.

Felix the cowboy

Howdy ma'am!

Felix the cowboy

I thought he looked more like a farmer, but he insisted that he was, in fact, a cowboy. Didn't I see the hat? And the boots? Come on!

The cowboy also has made a part time hobby of photography.

Nana's tongue

He took 3947 super blurry pictures of his sheep pug Hand Banana before he finally got this one gem.

One lesson learned this morning: Never trust a cowboy in the grocery store. If you let him hold a 6 pack (of yogurt drinks, but he wishes it was beer) in the front of the stroller, he will announce, "I'm done! Throw this away!" before the stroller pusher realizes that the cowboy was partaking of unpaid merchandise.

While the cowboy was taking an afternoon siesta, I got a little work done too.

Undies on the line

Four undies on the line pouches all lined up. I like how it looks like a huge tree with a lot of lines, but alas, it actually four separate trees.

Tomorrow brings owls and scottie dogs.



Natasha said...

Very cute picture!

Love those pouches too. Really striking and fun.

Brooke said...

Hand Banana! I LOVE it! Hooray for ATHF!