Thursday, March 26, 2009

My last day of being 22 is here!

That means it's birthday eve for me, kids!

22 was a pretty good year for me. Let's review:


I became an Aunt!

On our way!

I got hitched!

Zipper head

I conquered my fear of zippers.

I'm a giant sailor!

I was lucky enough to go on a beautiful, beachy honeymoon with my homie Chainsaw.

Mr. P

I made my first reptile friend.

I joined my first quilting bee.

I opened my own etsy shop. There's still a 15% off sale going on there, folks!

I had my second (almost completely) handmade Christmas.

Getting older is starting to feel weird. Please don't smack me over the virtual head for saying "older" about turning 23, but you know, a few years ago I was still a teenager! When you're a teenager you look forward to turning 18 and being an official adult. Then you look forward to turning 21 and being an official of legal drinking age adult. Then what? Retirement? Senior discount?

So this year leaves me with nothing to look forward to except the glory of getting older and (hopefully) the wisdom that comes with it. I hope 23 is just as fun as 22!


Me with my Grandma's cat.


Me with my kitchen! I totally remember that plastic ice cream that's by my foot. I loved that stuff!


heather jane said...

Happy Birthday!! I have a feeling you'll make every year something to remember.

Live it up! Eat cake! Smile a lot, and enjoy your day.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ashley!!

I loved Felix's rainbow cake; now Mike wants one too!... Are you going to make another beautiful dessert for yourself?

Brenda said...

Look at you. You are still a baby. At least compared to me. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and many more.