Friday, April 3, 2009

I vanished!

I bet you guys thought that I disappeared on midnight of my last night of being 22. That is not the case. I'm still here- a little older and perhaps a little wiser.

I have been gone because

a. I got sucked into a dirty book again. I don't mean dirty as in dirty, although there are a few risque parts. I mean dirty as in so good that I can't stop reading. I think my eyeballs are sore, but I'm almost done.

b. I've been feeling a bit down.

So I'm going to remedy these issues by finishing that book, coming up with new sewing ideas (I think I have a few!), and trying to find new ways to market myself. Anyone have any tips on being more successful?

I know leaving my poor blog unattended for days on end isn't a good start.

Anyway, I'll try to pop back in later with some pictures. Smoochers!


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Have you signed up for I get a bunch more hits per day from that and it's free.

Melissa said... hits in my shop and at my blog have nearly doubled since I got a twitter, made a facebook group for fans and created a myspace.. you should look into atleast the facebook page and the twitter... they are huge help
if you go to my blog you can click the link to each so you can see what i'm talking about... hope that helps