Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing makes a good birthday present like some quivering loins

No, this blog did not take a turn for the x-rated. However, this present I made in honor of my best friend's 23rd birth anniversary hovers somewhere between PG-13 and R.

Trashy Romance Novel Box

Trashy Romance Novel Box

That's right, it's a trashy romance novel box. I have been reading these since I was in high school. Of course they all have similar stories (a. girl meets boy, boy likes girl, girl thinks boy doesn't like her or thinks she doesn't like him, it gets dirty, they get married or b. same as option a only with pirates or indians) and probably don't make me any smarter, but I seriously can't help myself sometimes. It's like watching reality tv. I don't get smarter, but it's fun to watch.


The first step in creating a trashy romance novel box is to make sure you read the book first. You wouldn't want to tear up such a treasure without reading it first, would you? I read this book and remembered it to be slightly entertaining, but not that awesome. I wanted it to have some good dirty parts, but I didn't want the overall book to be so good that I would cry about tearing it up. This one fit the bill.

I read it a while ago, so step two involved me sitting on the couch flipping pages looking for dirty parts. I tore those pages out! If I'm going to cover a box with book pages, I want those pages to be good. I also tore out funny parts that caught my eye. (don't look at these pictures if a heaving bosom or two insults your morals.)

Exhibit 1:

Trashy Romance Novel Box

and Exhibit 2:

Trashy Romance Novel Box

After tearing out good parts I proceeded to Mod Podge some good pages on the top of the box. Then I tore off the the cover and stuck that mother down. Working in stages, I finally covered the whole box inside and out with pages from the book without gluing it to the table. I then wrote a little note in the lid.

Trashy Romance Novel Box

And covered it in Mod Podge to seal those beautiful pages down.


Elizabeth said...

That's super fancy. I'm impressed. :)

Brenda said...

I love it. I read that book about a year ago. Remember him well.