Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Style

I desperately needed to work on new bags for the shop, and although patchwork bags are always my best sellers (in real life, but not in the shop, curiously enough), I couldn't make myself make another one right now. It's time for something new.

Denim envelope bag

This is the denim envelope bag. I have to admit that I actually made this messenger style bag pattern last year. I made a couple bags that were never photographed but have moved on to happy homes. I decided I didn't like making them. This week I thought they deserved another chance. I lost my flap pattern piece and had to make a new one. The flap on this bag isn't quite perfect, but I still think it's adorable.

Denim envelope bag

I appliqued some free hand flower like shapes onto the flap. I'm trying to incorporate more cute little details into my work. It used to be more about getting things done, but now that I have confidence in my ability to actually finish things I can afford the extra time to make things special.

Denim envelope bag

I also invested in some magnetic snaps from the etsy shop Being Bags. They were a pretty good deal- technically a bit more expensive in price than some other places, but the free shipping made them a cheaper overall purchase than the shops with cheaper prices but not so free shipping. I will definitely be reordering from Being Bags.

I put a couple items in my shop in the new CLEARANCE section. They're the only items that are still sitting in my shop from when I first opened. I'll be adding the bag from this post and a few others soon!

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