Monday, March 2, 2009

Snug as a pug in a rug

Snug as a pug in a rug

Felix is making the best out of the pile of couch cushions I accumulated last weekend from a very nice lady on freecycle. I'm going to make them some pillow cases and put them to use as floor cushions at my Dad and Kris's house. They don't have room for lots of extra furniture, and a few of these would be great to sit on when the couch gets filled with butts. Then they could shove them under a bed or something when they don't need the extra seating.

For now, they are being used as a bed on the living room floor. Chainsaw and I are horrible parents who bought a couch with cushions that don't come off, so Felix has so far been without the joy of playing with a pile of cushions.


Holy smokes! Someone come vacuum my rug please!

For Valentine's day I did something kind of naughty. I can't remember who/where this came from, but I saw this cute card on etsy. I loved it so much that, instead of buying it, I flat out traced it and embroidered it for Chainsaw. If this was your card, sorry I didn't buy it. I loved the idea, but I wanted to MAKE something for VD, you know?  Edited to add- the artist is Gemma Correll.  Her stuff is awesome!

Valentine's embroidery

A good problem to have:

After not touching my machine for weeks, I made that quilt block last week. Then I got a custom order for a few zippered pouches. This weekend I was bombarded with glorious inspiration, of course. It makes me want to work on new stuff so badly, but alas, first I must do custom orders. Here's hoping I get a ton done today!

Have any good problems lately?


Anonymous said...

the dog, the kid, the card...yowza! cuteness overload! how do you get work done? i'd be lying on the floor with the kid and the dog!

Anonymous said...

The adorable doggie design was illustrated by Gemma Correll. Love her work.