Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day out with Thomas

We had a very fun day yesterday hanging out with Thomas the train.

Felix and Thomas

All aboard!

Felix and Sir Topham Hat

I highly recommend it to anyone with kids. It was really fun for everyone!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, zippers

I'd like you to meet my nemesis:
(Please pardon my crappy pictures. The light was gone outside when I took these.)

My nemesis

I've spent the last couple days cranking these out. I decided they could either be wristlets or cosmetics bags. Anywho, I busted a needle on this one, and it broke oh so gloriously. Luckily for me, I happened to be blinking at the exact moment that it broke. A piece of the needle hit me in the eyelid. That's right, the eyelid. I think I need to find some cool safety goggles for sewing. It's dangerous work.

I use recycled zippers, and I apparently didn't test this one enough. When I was taking pictures I opened it, and it has decided to never close again. I actually broke some of its teeth trying to close it. It stinks that I subjected myself to such danger to finish it, and now it doesn't even work.

These do work though:

Park Slope

Black and yellow


Felix and I had a great trip to the park yesterday also. He kicked my butt at imaginary basketball.
Felix makes imaginary basket

Saturday, September 20, 2008

At last, I have finished something this week!

I got a great package in the mail filled with all the goodies I ordered from Over Rainbow. Can't beat Laura's prices!

Anyway, I've been feeling the need to go a little more simple. I love patchwork, but I just didn't have it in my heart last week.

I tried my hand at some pleating, and I think these bags turned out adorable.

Pleated Orange Bag

I love this fabric, but I love the next on even more!

Pleated Orange and Brown

Joshua loves it too. He even said he'd really like curtains in that fabric. I think I would too, but I might be too much of a cheapskate to buy as many yards as I'd need to make curtains with it. Curtains are on my to do list, but I was thinking about buying some cute tapestries from Urban Outfitters for that project.

Anywho, these bags will be available in my shop when I feel like I have enough stuff to get it started. I need to jump back into my zipper drawer for some smaller things. I've been a bit scared of them. Last time I was using them I tried to shorten a zipper the legit way and shoved a tiny screwdriver under my thumbnail. Owwww!

We're having a busy day. Birthday party for a one year old at 1 (also Felix's nap time, ugh), and then a house warming party at 5. One more week until we're going to go ride Thomas the train. Felix is so excited!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to work

and it's so hard!

I finally busted the ol' machine out again the other day. Of course I had to make something new and skip the tried and true patterns that would have gotten me back into it effortlessly. I also decided to use bulky corduroy, which I have limited experience with. My first bag was horribly messed up, and I had to rip it apart and put it back together. On the second bag, I broke a needle and then kept having my thread bunch underneath with a shiny new needle. I decided to put that away and finish it later when I'm less mad at it. No bag likes to be finished by hands connected to an unhappy heart.

Started a third, and kept poking myself with pins. Then I let my finger get in the way of a fast moving part on the machine. I had to put the third bag away and watch reruns of the Gilmore Girls from the couch for a bit.

Ugh. I feel unaccomplished and tired. I'd like to finish just one thing today, but I'm afraid I might be better off going to bed early instead! I guess there's always tomorrow.

Wish I was here:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We did it!

Making it official

Kissy time

On our way!
(photos by Melissa)

It was perfect, and the honeymoon was amazing! I still need to upload honeymoon pictures, but feel free to check out my flickr for more wedding pictures.