Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I did on my summer blogging vacation

I doubt anyone is mad at me for not posting, but in case you are, here are some tame butterflies to ease any harsh feelings about my disappearance.

Friendly butterflies

OK, do we all feel better now?

Unfortunately those pesky lazies caught up with me again. My sewing machine was moved down to the basement a while ago when we had dinner company (dinner table = sewing table), and I never brought it back up. Tomorrow is the big day. I'm going to apologize for neglecting her and ask if she wants to go steady again.

I am painfully, horribly, embarrassingly behind on quilting bee blocks.

In addition to being lazy, Felix, Chainsaw and I took a trip to South Dakota for the Fourth of July. My mom was planning a visit to Colorado the next week, so Felix and I stayed and hitched a ride home with her.

Mount Rushmore

We visited the Shrine of Democracy. Felix has been dying to check out the "great faces" for some time now.

Cake time!

My little sister turned 21 on July 5th. I offered to be the DCASO/DD (designated car alarm setter offer/designated driver) for her power hour, which is what the crazy kids call going out at midnight the night before your birthday.

We took Felix to the carnival:




I got a wicked bad sunburn that day. Ouch!

Hiking with Laura

I got to hang out with my breast friend Laura, who has been living in Oregon for the past year but is now residing in South Dakota again. We went on a hike, and there were these crazy swarms of butterflies everywhere. They decided they liked us.

Friendly butterflies

It was a little bit like a Disney movie, only no princes with bejeweled beer coozies found the glass flip flop (ok, it was plastic) that we stumbled up on in the creek. I feel bad for the poor girl who had to finish the hike with one shoe.

After we got back to Colorado, my baby sister decided we had to go out on a girl date. We had to dress up and everything.

Alyssa and Ashley

We went to the Boulder Outdoor Cinema, which I highly recommend to anyone close enough to check it out. $5 donation, bring your own chair (you can even bring your own couch if you want!), cheap snacks (or you can bring your own), and a fun night hanging out and watching a movie outside next to the creek. Sign yourself up.

Hm, well. I guess that's the end of my report. I'm setting myself some sewing goals for tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have something new and fabulous to show off soon!