Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone out there had a great holiday! We spent a week in South Dakota, feasting, giving, and receiving. I think the camera is still out in the car (I hope anyway!), so I don't have any pictures presently, but I will soon.

My gifts were well received, which was exciting for me as almost all of them were handmade by me. Grandma liked her tea mug pouch so much that she practically bought out my store! I went from 12 items for sale to 6 (I should have made her open an account and buy them from my store, but it was easier to just delete them.). I used that as a good excuse to buy some new fabric and get to work!

Unfortunately I haven't gotten on top of the work part yet, but I will as soon as I find the motivation to clean the table off.

Anywho, if I don't catch you before midnight, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We'll be hanging out at home like a coupla boring kids. I'll catch you on the flip side with pictures and upcoming projects.


Oops, I lied. Here are a few remarkably crappy shots of some things Grandma took off my hands. I didn't have a chance to get any good pictures as it was dark and we were packing up to head out to the hills.

Flying V!

Appliqued flying V! It turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself!

Wristlet made from old wool dress

Wristlet made from an old hand made wool dress. I loved the dress, but it fit me horribly and had some holes in it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrap up

I spent all morning running around the greater Boulder area in search of those last few Christmas gifts. We were at the Celestial Seasonings tea factory, the liquor store (grandma needs her acky-juice, or wine, if you're over 3), the mall to pick up my newly soldered rings, the thrift store, and the library. I have a feeling that nap time will go smoothly today after doing all that this morning!

So today's to do:

1. Sip a mug or two of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride herbal tea.

2. Take the draft snake that I accidentally made too small, rip stitches, make longer.

3. Put together Christmas gifts. There are many pouches that need filled with goodies.

4. Start wrapping- if I have time!

Oh, I forgot to mention the slight altercation I had at the thrift store today. I found a pair of shoes that I liked. They did not look "new" in any way, scuffed up a bit, inside wear, but in good condition. Shoes cost 99 cents, "new" shoes cost $2. The lady charges me $2. I asked her why she charged me for new shoes, and she tried to convince me that they were brand new. I showed her the scuffs. She told me that someone could have done that trying them on in the store.

It ended with me saying "Whatever." I know it's only $1 and the thrift store supports the food bank, but still. They charge way too much for most things, like sheets ($5 per sheet, fo reals?) and used towels for $6? I don't like it when the thrift store puts me in a bad mood. I guess I did get a "new" pair of shoes for $2, and Felix loaded up on books. At least they got the price right on those. I can handle 25 cents per board book, no problem.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kitty time!

We have a new addition to our family. Please meet Jezebel Lincoln:

Jezebel Lincoln

Jezebel Lincoln

So the mini craft fair at the office yesterday was, for the most part, a bust! I didn't actually sell anything. I did get a couple requests, including one actual order if I can make a crayon roll for fat crayons. I think I can handle that.

I did do some tradesies with my homie Dani from Dani Girl Boutique. I got a few super cute books she made and 2 record bowls. My step mom already called dibs on one of those, even though "it will probably make your dad cry." Do people really cry over records melted into bowls? I cry with glee at their majesty, but not in sadness as my dad is presumed to do.

I also bought some nice smelling bath bombs and hand made soap from my table neighbor. I'm excited to try some for myself. Maybe this afternoon if the toddler meat decides to make my day and take a nap?

Here is a purple clutch I made a while ago:

Purple clutch

I bought a snap setter last weekend, and I am in love. My old snap setter was just that- OLD. I bought it off of ebay a while ago, and the few times I tried to use it, it decided that we weren't friends. I now have the kind you bang with a hammer, which is actually super fun! Sometimes I really need to beat at something I'm making with a hammer towards the end of its creation.

I reopened the shop after vacationing it yesterday so I could take everything to the craft fair. I decided to slightly reduce my prices. It's hard deciding how much my time is worth to me, and I decided that I could go a little lower without feeling like I'm robbing myself.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy bee!

I have been super busy lately, sewing as much as I can for Christmas gifts and an upcoming event at Chainsaw's office. Apparently a lot of people who work there/their significant others are creative, crafty people. So they invited us crafty people to come in on Monday and peddle our wares for a couple hours. Unfortunately, I've been too lazy to take pictures, but I will do it tomorrow. I don't want my creations to walk out the door without getting their pictures taken first!

I do have a picture of the tea cup pouch I made Grandma for Christmas. I don't think she reads this, but if you do, shield your eyes Grandma!

Tea Pouch

I used fabric crayons to write and doodle on it, which was super fun. I dare you to look into them for yourself! I'd like to try some more ambitious doodles one of these days.

Tomorrow is the last day of my 15% off sale in the shop. Take advantage!

The lip balm I bought from Least Likely to Breed is delicious and awesome. She included a bonus tube of a vanilla butter cream frosting lip balm, and I think I could almost eat the tube. It is that delicious.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Are these your undies?

I might be the only person to find this absolutely hilarious. Apparently the Boulder police busted a voyeur who becomes obsessed with a woman, tapes her doing stuff, and steals her undies. That isn't very funny, right? What is funny to me, is that there's a link in the news article that takes you to the Boulder police website with pictures of stolen bras/panties/Hooters girl costumes. So you know, if that Hooters girl costume is yours, call them.

In other news, I did not touch my sewing machine one time last weekend. I was drowning in book crack. I read the first three books in two days. Oops! My shoulders are sore from book holding. My knees hurt from sitting crossed legged on the couch. I promised Josh I wouldn't go buy the last one until I got some sewing done, but I already feel like a junky, wishing there was some way I could get to Walmart* to buy it today.

*I'm not going to lie and say that I hate Walmart and never shop there. It's a 3 minute drive, and Borders was sold out of Twilight books. They also had them for significantly cheaper than any other store. Hard backs were $13 something, versus $20 SRP. See, I'm a smart junky who looks for a good deal!

Oh, and sewing update later, I promise. Apple lappy is back from the doctor and feeling mighty fine!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The winner!

The random number generator has spoken! It says the bag should go to comment number 89, which is Adventures of the Reluctant Housewife. I'll be emailing you to get your address! Congratulations!

I made this cute new tote to match the love bullets pouch.

love bullets tote

I wish I could keep it for myself, but alas, I wonked up a cool tote a while ago (gathers and wrinkles in the topstitching of the lining) that I decided to keep for myself. What can I say, I'm too lazy to fix it.

I'm making many friends and family members pouches for Christmas. I'm going to load them up with hand made items. I just bought some lip balm from Least Likely to Breed. She has some cool flavors and great prices. Check her out! I'll let you know how awesome it is when they get here.
I'll be drawing for the give away at 11 Mountain time. Thank you so much to everyone who commented. Personally, I had time to sign up for maybe half of the give aways. It was crazy!

We are having a bright, sunny day with everything under a blanket of snow. I'll be back soon for the drawing and to show you what I've been up to.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giveaway Day!

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! I'm drawing now and will post the winner in a bit. Thanks again for all the great comments!

That's right, it's time for my first giveaway. Thank you to Sew, Mama, Sew for making today a giveaway day (and creating in me an ambition to make something to give away!).

The grand prize:

This is a gathered top tote I made from vintage home dec weight fabric. It is unlined, but I'm proud to say that I tried my hand at french seams. No rough, unfinished seams for any winner of my giveaway!

If you want this bag to show up in your mail box, all you have to do is leave a comment. I'll pick a winner on Friday, so make sure you check back to see if you won!

The (only) slightly less grand prize is that I'm having a sale at my etsy shop. From now until December 14th, everything is 15% off. The prices have already been changed.

Hot Butter Etsy Shop
Although we usually go to South Dakota for holidays, this Thanksgiving was spent at our home. My mom, stepdad, and littlest sister brought a turkey and cheese ball makings, and we had a glorious time! My sister convinced me to take her to see Twilight on Thanksgiving night. I haven't read the books, but I definitely want to now. I want to know what happens next!

Felix and Alyssa
Felix and Alyssa the morning they were leaving. I was too busy to think of taking pictures all weekend! Oops!

I did not get any sewing done while they were here. Our dining room table is my sewing table, so I packed my sweet sewing lady down to the basement to make room for feasting. Sunday I realized that I had signed up for a stocking stuffer swap that was due. I had to make 10 presents quick, so I tried something I always wanted to do- tissue holders! I think they turned out pretty cute. I wouldn't be surprised if Santa brings some to my friends and family.

Tissue Holders

I made 9 others in various fabrics, but I didn't have time for photos before they needed to be sent. I am the world's biggest forgeter (I made that up)/procrastinator.

Then I realized that it was almost Christmas. Seriously? It's coming soon? I made a Christmas sewing list, and yesterday I started tackling it. I'll sneak in some pictures here and there if I feel like risking the recipients seeing them before Christmas.

Here are the pouches I made a while ago that I promised pictures of "tomorrow." Apparently tomorrow can mean anything to me, real tomorrow, next week, 10 days, whatever I feel like.

Guitar pouch

I love this guitar pouch. I would learn to play it if I had a real guitar that looked like this!

Rain Pouch

It was impossible to get a good picture of this rain pouch. It is super cute in person. I even gave it some adorable rain detail on the back:

Rain Pouch Back

And my love bullets pouch:

Love Bullets pouch

Ugh. I found something like six yards of this blue/denim-looking fabric at a thrift store for cheap. CHEAP I tell you, and it photographs horribly. It's a very pretty, soft fabric, and I'm making tons of stuff out of it. I wish I could figure out a magic trick for good pictures of it.

These will be available in my shop tomorrow I think. REAL tomorrow. I am also participating in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day tomorrow (once again, REAL tomorrow). So check back. I'm also going to figure out how to do a sale in my shop.