Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm back and I brought makeup bags!

It's only been almost a year since I last blogged, and much has happened since last March.  I recently read some of this old blog, and I really enjoyed seeing what we were up to and what I was making.  So I'm planning on making a serious effort to start it back up because I like going back to read it.  I'll most likely end up doing a catch up post or two chronicling our 2015 adventures (Mexico! Ireland!!!), but for now I'm just going to jump right in!


A couple weeks ago I cleaned and oiled my best old sewing gal so I could put her away to make room for my BRAND NEW (to me) SEWING MACHINE!!  Ahhh!


It's a lot more high tech than the old gal.  It took me a couple days of messing around with it while I read the manual, but I finally got it down.  It does magical things like fix your starting stitches for you so you don't have to backstitch, and it has an awesome cutting button that cuts your thread when you're finished.  I am pretty much in sewing love with it, and I'm really thankful to the nice lady who bought herself a new one and sold this one to me!


My very first finished products made with the new machine were these adorable lunar phase pouches, which I freezer paper stenciled and then painted the details by hand.  I am no professional moon artist, but I think they turned out great!

2016 Creations

Then I moved on to making another vintage sheet ruffle tote.  I say another because I made one of these that I am 100% keeping for myself due to extreme loveliness.  I made a vintage sheet quilt last summer (that I will for sure be sharing on here soon!), and I had so much fun mooshing sheets together that this project was naturally on the books.

2016 Creations

And I've spent the last week making these bad ass, kind of naughty in a sweet way make up bags!  They're modeled after one I made myself last year.  The outer fabric is thrifted and interfaced, and the lining was shored up with fusible fleece.  So they feel so nice and sturdy.

2016 Creations

2016 Creations

Anyway, these and other pouches are in my shop as of today, and (in case anybody is actually reading this) I'm having a 30% off sale in an effort to clear out some older wallet merchandise.  Use coupon code LEAP30 to enable all the sweetest of deals.

After a week of hardcore sewing and finally doing my taxes, I deserve some quality time on the couch with a book and maybe a drank.   I'll be back soon for realsies this time!