Thursday, October 28, 2010

There is a core, and it's hardcore. All is hardcore when made with love!


I had the bestest time ever dancing my pants off last night with Gogol Bordello at the Boulder Theater. In fact, I predicted this would happen and decided to forgo pants all together!



I don't really take many concert pictures. They never look that good and I feel like I'm wasting precious rocking time when I'm trying to hold still for crisper shots. Anyway, it was mutha you know whating packed in there. I have a big nasty blue bruise on my arm and Chainsaw lost his hat. We saw it fly up into the air at one point. People were wicked sweaty, and we received a dog shake head sweat shower on multiple occasions.

Totally worth the health risks. I wish they weren't sold out for tonight because I would TOTALLY SEE THEM AGAIN. You know?


Here's what I've been working on today. This bag is going to be so cute when it's finished. :D


I was picking Felix up from his girlfriend's house this morning when I was overcome with a sudden agonizing hunger for more sweaters. I stopped at Arc and found a bunch of adorable cardigans. I'd like to wear them all at once. I think this blue/purple one is my favorite and looks brilliant with my boots.

Over and out. CHhhhhhhhhhh (that's supposed to be the walkie talkie noise)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I decided to go handmade and NOT SEXY this year, just to shake things up. I saw this tutorial Chelsea from Sea Blanket shared on A Beautiful Mess, and decided I wanted to be an owl. I accidentally spent 4 hours working on this part the other day, and I don't have any pictures of it. You'll have to wait for the final unveiling!

Today I made a couple owl masks to go with my costume.


This one is made using a black plastic mask form I bought at Hobby Lobby because Felix begged me to. It was a three pack, and I have at last used one for good! Unfortunately, it's a little hard to see/breathe and my face gets all sweaty in this beast.


That lead to me making this mask out of a pair of thrifted sunglasses. I popped the lenses out and hot glued feathers on it. This one is much more comfortable although I do need to trim some of those pesky nose ticklers!

This is the first of a few years that we're not hosting our own Butter household Halloweenie party. I usually get so stressed out cleaning and cooking that I have a headache by the time the party starts. Not this year! This year we attend a party not of our throwing.


I love Giant Dwarf's Starlette Crowns so much, but I can't exactly afford them. Therefore I copycatted her in a big way for personal use and felt super cute all night at work.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



3 large (several yards each!) pieces of fabric bought for $1-$2 each! Also one awesome vintage sheet!


Pretty throw/table runner. It looks table runner shaped to me but was marked as a throw. I love this so much and can't wait to make some pretties with it!


Flat and fitted Troll doll sheet set! They're kind of girly, but I'm trying to convince Felix that dreams dreamt in a troll wrapped world are the dreamiest dreams to dream.


Scraps of orange upholstery fabric. I have some fun ideas for this!


Brand new fabrics I bought in South Dakota.

I also found muchos dresses that I found for good deals, which is awesome because some don't fit or are actually pretty ugly on my person. Thrift stores need dressing rooms, ya'll. Anyway, I like to promise that I'll share them, but to be honest the ones that fit will probably just get thrown into the wardrobe rotation. Maybe I should start a vintage dress series?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Velvet Dress


I bought this dress at Shangri-La Vintage in Chicago. It was dead stock, which means it's "new" vintage and in perfect condition. I love it super big time!


I love how luxurious it feels!

Shangri-La was an awesome store, run by a super nice lady. Everything was sorted very nicely, and the prices were very good. I rarely buy anything at vintage stores because it's too expensive, but this place was just right!

Of course, right after I bought this dress I found a whole pile of vintage dresses at a thrift store outlet down the street. Those dresses need a little updating, and I probably won't be showing them off until then!

Kitty Case


I made a last minute gift for our friend Lauren out of an adorable avocado green vintage suitcase. I painted a slightly lazy-eyed kitty and her name on it. I used a sharpie for outlining and details and quick sprayed a coat of sealer over the paint. I hope it holds up!


I sure hope she actually likes it. I know I loved suitcases when I was little!

Wristlet sneak peek!



I'll be adding new wristlets to the shop soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grand unveiling of my market booth


Me at my very first market tent. I've always just done a table, but this time I had a whole 10x10 spot and made use of it. Vintage items were welcome.



I totally need to get more work done on Hot Butter Vintage. I have so much awesome stuff to share.



Unfortunately I didn't really make so much money at this market. I'm thinking it was maybe due to booth location and/or people kind of waiting to buy Christmas presents. Oh well, my booth looked awesome, I got some adorable new shoes, ate some delicious pizza, and got to hang out with Melissa. The day was a winner.

I'll be back soon with camping pictures!