Friday, June 10, 2011

Trunk Show

My trunk show last Friday at the Fancy Tiger Clothing store in Denver was super fun!  There was even a Hot Butter poster on the door!


I had a cute little set up in the middle of the store.



I sold a few things and had a ton of fun.  It was much less stressful than an actual market as I didn't have to stand around babysitting/selling my items.  I got to drink beer and mingle with the beautiful people of Denver.  I was really excited to see a group of my lady friends from work (you know, the work that pays me on a regular basis) come all the way from Boulder to show their support (and wait until 10:30 to hang out with me when I was done!).  Big thanks to Rebecca, Allison, and Christine for coming to see me!

I am very excited to announce that Hot Butter wallets are now available for purchase at The Fancy Tiger.  I swiped this picture from their Facebook page.


Don't they look adorable in such a fancy setting?  There is so much amazing work in the Fancy Tiger.  I highly suggest you check it out if you're in Denver and haven't already.

I was going to get my messenger bags up in the shop, but unfortunately my pictures turned out pretty dark.  I need to retake them asap.  I'm also plugging away on a giant stack of new wallets and have some vintage sheet wallets and ladies with secrets to put in the shop soon!