Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Estate Sale

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway of many prizes!  My Facebook $25 gift certificate giveaway is in the "Discussions" section of my Facebook Fan Page.  Hardly anyone has signed up for that one so far.  Not sure if the discussions thing is too confusing or if people just don't have the time for another click.  Oh well!  (Also, my birthday sale goes until I'm getting ready for bed tonight!  I won't be mailing anything while I'm gone, so if you had your eye on something, get it now! BIRTHDAY11)

I stopped at an estate sale last week and found some awesome stuff.  All sheets were $1, and I limited myself to these two.



This one has a couple discolored spots, but it's so awesome that I don't care and will cut around them!


I also found this vintage Sears bath and hand towel set.  I love these kinds of towels.  They're so soft and absorbent!  Yes, I can and will buy vintage towels.  Some people say this is gross, and to these people I say, "I WASH THEM REAL GOOD."  I pop this stuff in George Washingmachine on HOT with a little bleach.


I grabbed this one too.  I think it will be an awesome bathmat.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for, the best birthday present the universe could bestow upon a lady...


Chippendale's playing cards!


These are from 1982 and are one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Does anybody have any tips for awesome places to check out in Seattle?  I'm thinking awesome craft stores, thrift stores, and anything fun that we HAVE TO DO.  Please let me know.

Monday, March 28, 2011

25! Giveaway and Sale!

Hi friends!  I celebrated my 25th birthday this weekend with my friends and family (some in person and some on the phone!), and it was awesome.  I scammed up some HB prizes to give away in honor of my birthday.  Each prize will have its own winner!

Prize #1:


I just made this pretty wallet last week!  Unfortunately I fried my label a little bit.


It is completely functional and needs someone to love it despite it's minor flaw.  :)

Prize #2:


This is a fun little wristlet/pouch from the archives!


Prize #3:


Pigs and Ice Cream Wallet


Prize #4:


Slouchy Corduroy Bag from the HB archives



I'll draw a lucky winner for each of these when I return from my birthday adventure to Washington.  Please comment on this post with your name, serial number, whether or not you're susceptible to any diseases, and if I like you, I'll pick you to win a prize.  Ok, just your name, favorite animal, and make sure I have a way to notify you if you win.

I'm also going to give away a gift certificate on Hot Butter's facebook fan page (link on the right), and I have a coupon code for 25% off purchases in the Hot Butter shop!  This sale will only run until Wednesday night.  I'm going on a trip Thursday morning, so if you can't wait to win, grab it while its HOT and on SALE!  The coupon code is:  BIRTHDAY11

Friday, March 25, 2011

Naughty Cat Score

Chainsaw was in New York all last week, leaving Felix and I to fend for ourselves.  Needless to say, I've had a heck of a hankering to get out of the house BY MYSELF for a while.  Wednesday I decided to follow my heart to a new thrift store next to one of my grocery stores.  It's called Birds of Prey.  Of course I needed to check it out.  

I found a new blue cardigan and this:


The best naughty vintage cat sheet of all time!


I don't know if this is naughty.  Is the mom taking sneaky kittens out of the socks?  Or is she putting the kittens in the socks as some sort of time out for being naughty?


It's got a pesky moon howler.


A mouse exploder.


And my personal favorite, this sneaky fellow making off with the birdcage. 

I got a full sized flat sheet and the pillowcase.  My one complaint is that it's pink, otherwise it would be double perfect super awesome curtain material for Felix's room.  He says he loves it, so I know I could easily con him into thinking it's a good idea.  I'm just not sure that pink fits in with the race car bed, pirate memorabilia, and random thrift store animal artwork he's got going on in there.  Who am I fooling?  It would probably be perfect.

I finished fourteen card wallets yesterday.  I have two markets coming up in May (assuming I get into one of them), so I'm going to work on creating my heart out over here.  I'm putting the finishing touches on my super awesome birthday giveaway, and I'll get that up when the good light visits.    

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Week at the Butter House

My dear sweet Felix had to go and turn FIVE last Sunday.


The nerve of some babies thinking it's cool to keep growing and do crazy stuff like turning five.


Some things about Felix:
  • Favorite Foods:  Pizza and Fruit Snacks
  • Favorite Animals:  Dogs, Tigers, Lions, T-Rexes, Cats
  • Favorite Colors:  Red, Black, and White (Go Scoopers!)
  • Favorite Band:  Vampire Weekend
  • Favorite Body Part:
Felix in Grandma's sink!

Anywho!  It's my birthday this weekend.  Let the jimmy feast continue!!


My to do list for today includes putting together a sweet birthday giveaway and sale!  :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Pouchtric's Day

Yeah, I said that.  I'm a little embarrassed, but it's staying.  I decided.  Yes, I'm talking myself into it right here, right now.  Let's move on!

I started a bunch of embroidered/appliqued/infused with love and magic pouches last week.  I actually did a big part of the construction at my new friend Amanda's adorable apartment in Denver.  It was fun!  She is the sweetest and you should go check out her blog if you have a second.  She's been working hard on it, and it definitely shows!


I used more Ruby Star Rising to make new fun Ladies with Secrets Pouches.


Transistor Radio Pouches


Underwater Fish Pouches


and more!  I already added them to my etsy shop if you want to see them all.  I am having serious trouble finding good photo taking light around here, folks.  I was having trouble before the time change, so it must just be the changing seasons affecting the way the light comes through the windows.

Felix and I have been having a fun time playing with jimmies this week.  It's his birthday on Sunday, so we made birthday cake batter ice cream yesterday, and things got a little silly.



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Handmade Favorites #5: Rainbow Afghan

I've been desperately wanting this rainbow afghan crocheted by Becky of Strumpets Crumpets for many moons.  I was going to ask for it for Christmas but forgot.  I thought I was going to have to wait for my birthday.  Then Chainsaw asked what I wanted for VD (Valentine's Day sounds cooler to me when referred to simply as "VD"), I knew immediately that the rainbow blanket would be MINE.

rainbow blanket

(I swiped this photo from its etsy listing.)

It now lives on my couch, where Felix and I fight over it.  It's super soft, super huge, and loved by all animals and people in the Butter household.


Felix doesn't hold very still when he's modeling.


I found this awesome dog panel at Joanne in the clearance section and sewed these dog pillows right up. Their names are Susan and Lilly (that's what the panel said), and they look adorable on my couch.  Felix tries to steal them.

Anyway, thanks to Becky for making such an awesome afghan.  Thanks to Chainsaw for loving me so much that he can't resist my rainbow blanket pleas.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They are finished (along with my sanity).

A little while ago I bought some patterns from Pacific Designs on etsy.  I was finishing up a bunch of wallets at the time, and I was looking forward to making something new without going through all the work of designing it myself.

The Mia Rose has cute leather accents and leather straps- the perfect opportunity to learn to sew more with leather!


I was all too right.  I learned more than I wanted, that's for sure!


It converts from a small handbag into a wristlet.  It's kind of the perfect size for a small bag, and I love it.  I wanted to tell it that before I say what I'm about to say.


I have spent 2.5 days working on these bags.  It's not the pattern's fault or anything.  In fact, the pattern is well written, easy to understand, and fun.  However, I couldn't seem to help but have to do everything at least two times on almost all of these.  Oops I sewed too close to the zipper!  Oops I can't get my machine to smoothly topstitch those cute pleats.  Oops I can't figure out the tension to sew leather.  Oops I have to put my walking foot on my machine every time I need to sew leather.  Oops this leather is too mothertrucking thick to go through my wussy (but dear) sewing machine.

Sorry girl, I don't know if you're a wussy so much as you're probably not meant to do heavy work like that.

I broke two needles.  I used two others, switched to my walking foot eleventy times, and I used a variety of hardware because I was unable to find the pattern required size of super tiny d-rings.  Oh well.

Anyway, I got a few of these listed in my shop and will get the rest done soon.  They turned out cute, I learned some lessons, and now I have to be done.  I've earned it!

I've been working on some cute pouches today, and it feels so easy, like hot drawn butter.


Felix has been trying to slick back his hair.  Maybe I should get him some pomade or something?  One of those sweet combs they have in Grease??