Monday, September 28, 2009

Fear the sting!

I was just telling Chainsaw last week that I have never been stung by a bee (that I remember). Wasps? Yes! Bees? No.

Well friends, that has changed. I must have forgot to knock on wood or something. I was minding my own business at the Harvest Festival in Spearfish, SD last Saturday when I felt something horrible happening a bit under my left knee. I was actually wearing thick knee socks, and I have no idea what possessed this bee to commit suicide by stinging me through my sock.

My Grandma works at a natural foods store just a few steps away, and I was immediately treated with fancy oils and potions.

Now, two whole days later. My leg is a bit swollen, but not to gross proportions (I've seen some scary pictures!). It itches like you would not believe, and Benadryl knocks me out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Sheets

I'm always in awe of the blog world's luck when it comes to finding cool vintage sheets. I always check out sheets at thrift stores, and every once in a while I find a good one. I've been hording the few I have, but I decided it was time to sink my scissors into a couple.

Vintage Sheet Bag

Vintage Sheet Bag

I spent TWO days making these, but I love them.

I'd also like to report that no snow has fallen on our little neighborhood. I did see snow on the news in areas close by though. I'm not used to it being so cold so soon. In South Dakota, yes, but here?

We are enjoying the warmth of out light switch fire place. I can't believe it's almost time to turn on the furnace!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I woke up to some awesome pouring rain this morning. I thought I'd check the weather and see what's up this week. Imagine my surprise when I see that it may be snowing at night this week. I have learned to take the forecast with a grain of salt. It's almost never right when it comes to precipitation thanks to the mountains.


I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately.

I made a pile of Zippered Card Wallets.

Zippered Card Wallets

I'm really happy with these new bags.

Hip Bag

Hip Bag

I dig throwing the long strap over my shoulder. I used to require a long purse strap for ultimate bag happiness. I remember why!

Today is my first day babysitting after a summer off. I really did take the summer off. Of my several jobs, the only one I was faithful to was my cleaning job. Anyway, there was some small child scuffles/bites/head punching last year at this time. So far I am pleased to report that the boys are playing nicely. Now if only the dog would behave.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm a winner!

I was so excited to win one of the awesome giveaways Linda at LindaMade hosted last week. I was the lucky winner of the "Scrap Bonanza." Nothing could have pleased me more last week. Seriously.

Giveaway prizes I won!

She also included some fun stuff, like this coaster set:

Giveaway prizes I won!

They make me wish I had a coffee table or something to protect from the evils of condensation.

Giveaway prizes I won!

She also included some cute trims (including one with pom poms), buttons, pins, and all manners of majesty.

Felix and I were in heaven last night. We separated them into color piles for fun. One pile was the designated dog pile, which was home to Felix's favorite fabric.

Felix and his favorite scrap

In other giveaway news, I ask ya'll to stay tuned. I'll be hosting one or two in the near future. My 100th post is looming!

I have posted a few new things in the shop, which I will continue to do this week. I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my newest creations.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh hi friends!

What I really did on my summer blogging/sewing vacation:

Read 9374 books. That might be a lie, but I read like it was going out of style. I sometimes read 2 books a day.

Then one day at the beginning of the month I woke up and felt it.

It was the urge to create.

It's possible that that sounds dorky, but that's how it works sometimes. Whenever I don't make something for a while (a couple weeks or 3 months, whatever), I always I find it hard to get started again. Then I finish something, and I have to admit that nothing beats the feeling of actually creating something. Hopefully it's something pretty or useful, but if not the feeling is still there.

I have spent several of the last few days getting busy, and I'm hoping to have a glorious shop update soon. I am also smelling a giveaway in my future. I've been working on some new things that I'd love to share with my friends!

Until then, find a cozy pug to shed all over your shirt.

Ashley and Nana