Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ooops! I disappeared.

Sorry about the unannounced blog break. It was mostly due to a sewing break and the taking on of a new business venture.

I have some serious sewing deadlines coming up- quilting bee block, birthday presents, etc. I'm sure I'll have something to share soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Help me find a tutorial?

Hola friends!

I'm looking for a cute baby (12-18 months) sundress tutorial that is NOT a pillowcase dress or a recycled men's shirt dress.

Specifically I'd like something with a contrasting fabric strip across the top, but I'll take what I can get. Baby needing dress does not live close, so I can't really wing it. Any help would be appreciated.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day Giveaway Winner!

The random number generator has spoken! #30 it is!

Congrats to Mama who said:
Ashley they all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue,purple and yellow one :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Zippered Card Wallets and a GIVEAWAY

The giveaway is closed!

I designed these cuties the other day:

Zippy Card Wallets

I think I mentioned them, but they were created entirely from my scraps. Even the interfacing was scrap pieces. Boy am I glad I saved all those random pieces of interfacing. Although I'm not to happy with the wrinkles it created on the inside. See?

Yellow Patchwork Zippy Card Wallet

I'm thinking I'll try sewing in flannel for the next batch.

Zippy Card Wallets

These are perfect for use in a wristlet. I "bought" a wristlet from myself to go out last month, and I've been using it all the time (not just to go out). I keep all my necessities in it, which isn't much. ID, debit card, a little cash, my lip glosses and balms (which are now in an adorable pouch!), a pen, phone, and keys all fit with room to spare. I guess that sounds like a lot of stuff, but it's all small stuff. My regular sized purse is always full of crap, and I like how using the wrislet makes me actually remove receipts and shopping lists before it's packed full of them. However, there's always a pile of change at the bottom, and I don't like having my ID and debit card just floating around all willy nilly.

In the spirit of May Day, I'd like to offer one of these cuties up for a give away! Tell me which is your favorite (as long as it's not the yellow one. I already claimed it!), and I'll draw a winner in the morning. Here is how you can gain entries:

1. Comment with your favorite. Your favorite can be the yellow and orange, but tell me your NEXT favorite also.

2. Blog about it and leave an extra comment with a link.

3. Tweet about it and leave an extra comment with a link. You could follow me while you're at it, but no pressure!

4. Any purchases made from my shop today will earn THREE extra entries. You'll have to leave a comment for each entry. It'll make random number generating much easier.

Here are all the color choices you can pick from:

Red Patchwork Zippy Card Wallet

Patchwork Zippy Card Wallet

Pink Patchwork Zippy Card Wallet

Giveaway cut off is tomorrow morning at 8:00 am Mountain time. I'm going to the post office in the morning, so it will be sent right away. Yay!