Friday, January 23, 2009

The fruits of this week's labor

Public service announcement:

When trying to make an omelette, which I've never really tried before, if you attempt to flip up one side and accidentally turn it into a big eggy, cheeesy, ham filled mess, more cheese seems like the logical answer. Put a pile of cheese on top and let it melt. It'll cover the ugly and add extra deliciousness, right?

The answer to that question is yes and no. Yes, it tastes delicious for a couple bites, but it may leave you feeling like you just ate a pound of cheese. You may wish for a magic phone booth to take you back in time to the point of the cheese adding to change your mind.

Oh, another question has come up. If you're making an omelette that turns out ugly, and you're about to put more cheese on it when you from the future shows up and warns you from the past not to do it, would you listen?


Anywhos, now that we've all learned from my mistakes, I have other things to talk about.

I told Monty that he was probably going to have to pose for some pictures soon, and he decided to get ready. He's currently shedding all his old, dull scales. He wants to have a shiny new set on display for his close ups. As soon as he's done, we'll have a snakey photo shoot. I'm glad for the wait. I still can't look him in the snake eyes after what happened the other night.

Yesterday I decided to use my awake, dressed self for good instead of evil by working on a new wristlet pattern resulting in these cuties:

Mendocino Wristlet

Floral wristlet with hot pink wood grain

Black and Gold wristlet

Purple leaves wristlet

Denim look wristlet

I also made a couple new clothesline pouches featuring undies only:

Clothesline Pouch


heather jane said...

These are so DANG cute!!! I love the pleats.

Viv said...

I really love those undies. The snake poo thing - hilarious!!!

Jen said...

I LOVE those wristlets! The first one (with all the undersea life) is so dang CUTE!

mara said...

part one is hysterical and part two is lovely. beautiful bags!

Annie Pazoo said...

Can't resist the undies on the line. too cute!

Anonymous said...

The pleats are great. I think the panties on the lines is my fav.

Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog thru Lolly's blog. I really like your wristlets. I have been intending to make some small items like these. I have ton a fair share of sewing and countless other crafts, but I have never installed a zipper. I found where you recommended to purchase them. Smaller zippers are apparently hard to find in chain stores. I was happy with the price for sure. I am unsure about which type will work best for a pouch or wristlet project. Any way you can point me in the right direction? BTW there is now way you can count yourself as lazy.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Love them! LOVE. every single one.

The undies look great, too. Still loving the clothesline thing.

The bag I won is working out great. I'm keeping my on-the-go crochet projects in it.