Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A happy list for an unhappy day

Felix feels a little bit better today. That should be good news, but in all reality he feels just good enough to have the power to hate everything. Fo reals. He "hates" every show I can put on the tv. He "hates" it when I take him out of his high chair. He "hates" being in the high chair. He hates "milk," but he wants some. In fact, he even "hates" me and himself. He has told me all of these things several times today.

All the hate that's flying around here isn't making me very happy, so I thought I'd make a list of things that do make me happy.

Ashley's Super Cool List of Happy Stuff

1. I know I've said it before, but I am always happy about getting new fabric in the mail from overrainbow.com. Sign up for her newsletter, I dare you. Then you'll know about the sales on her already cheaper than most places fabric. I got 18 half yard cuts in the mail yesterday, and that makes me happy.

2. Cheap zippers. Mama needed some new zippers. Zipper stop has several lots of 100 zippers for $9.99. Shipping is a little spendy, but they will combine. So I just got 200 zippers for a little less than $30. They are on their way. I'm excited about this bringing down the cost on the zippers I put into my items. 35 cents a zipper is much better than $2 a zipper!

3. Winning stuff. The universe apparently thinks that if I need anything right now, its a calender. I won one of these cuties from LeeAnn at MintBasil. Then a couple days later I saw that I won this family organizer from The Toby Show. I currently have a big ol' dry erase marker calender on the wall that I haven't touched since sometime before Uncle Babraham went missing in July. I think I'm going to put it away. I'll let you know where the new, glorious calenders go when they get here. Thank you so much ladies! Let us let 2009 be the year of no forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, or appointments!

4. Christmas Eve Fambly picture:

Fambly picture

5. Adorable nieces with carrot faces:


That's what I've got for now. I hope your day if a happy one and that no one else is being hated as much as I am right now.


LeeAnn said...

18 half yards of what? You can't leave me hanging! I am a tad late on getting that calendar out to you. I hit the ground running 100 miles an hour when I returned to work Monday. Monday seems like a week ago even though it was yesterday. Never a good sign. If nothing else this year, you should be able to know what day it is with your give-a-way luck!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like Felix and Gabe were sick at about the same time. Gabe doesn't really use the word hate, but last Tuesday he was definitely feeling just enough better to be really foul about everything! I love your happy list; great idea for combating the grumpy mama syndrome that comes with spending the day with a toddler in that mood!