Saturday, January 17, 2009

Important Saturday night announcements

The most exciting order of business is that the random number generator picked lucky number 18, Heather Jane from Living Senses. She, like so many of you, likes the clothesline best, and it will soon be on its way to her house! Congrats Heather!

Good news though, I have two more clothesline pouches appliqued. They shall soon be in the shop!

Even more good news- I decided that there should be two winners. The second winner was chosen less diplomatically. I didn't feel like having to count through all the comments again, so I looked at the ceiling, scrolled up and down for a minute or two, and picked the name the mouse was on for the second lucky winner. Feel free to try this method for yourself, it's kind of exciting.

Anyway, our second winner is Shel from AuntieThesis, who said the Love Bullets pouch would make a great gift for her sister the police officer. She also would like us to go vote for her dog, and is offering a prize for people who do so. Check that out if you will!

I had a small shop update today, and I'll be listing the pouches not destined for new homes tomorrow.

I think that does it for my announcements. Felix is in bed, and I think I'm going to go hit the tub and then cozy up in bed with some magazines (I have a huge stack I need to catch up on!). Thanks again to everyone who commented. I hope to see you around again!


heather jane said...

Yay!! I'm so excited. I'll be sure and post some photos when it arrives.

Thanks Ashley!

Shel said...

I won the Love Bullets pouch which came the other day. I was so sorry I told my sister about it and had to give it up; the quality is amazing and I adore the inner polka dot lining. It's the perfect size for her purse and she adores it, too. Both my sister and I work for the same police department and the other ladies we work with were eyeing it up.

Thank you so much!