Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Works in progress

I just spent an hour performing magic. When I say magic, I mean I ruthlessly cut up a pair of size 16 pure linen capri pants into 14 sets of rectangles that shall soon become zippered pouches. 14! I even cut part of one leg off a while ago to make Grandma's tea pouch. So really, I got 15 out of it.


After lunch I'm going to go rob the best scraps out of my giant scrap box for super cool applique time (which will hopefully coincide with Felix's nap time).

I really wanted to work on some projects where materials were not a huge part of the cost. I would love to offer some cheaper things in my store, but using new materials keeps things a bit spendy (and I'd like to make a few dollars profit here and there). So I am going to be making some things out of recycled or thrifted materials to keep costs down for everyone.

I did just get all that glorious new fabric, so I'm sure it will be playing some roles here and there.

In other news, Felix has been using the potty, and it is awesome. I have been bribing him with candy for his Pez dispensers. I bought a big bag of half packs of the candy (6 in each), and I've been giving him 3 for each successful pee. He has had a dry diaper all morning. I offered to let him wear his underwear around the house, but he refused, stating that he likes diapers and will wear them forever. He also refuses to do other business in the potty, but at least we're making progress. Hopefully we'll kick his diaper habit to the curb by his birthday. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

Felix's Pez Collection

Super Felix


heather jane said...

That is so hilarious!! I hope he decides to wear underwear someday.

I love, love, love, love, love linen.

Robyn said...

First off, your son is WAY too cute! Second, wow. What a great way to recycle your clothes. I never considered do that - I always send my clothes to Goodwill, but will be rethinking some of those decisions. I'm also going to check out your etsy shop. I'm glad I found you.