Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am most definitely sick

I requested a Saturday morning sleep in, but wouldn't you know that a scratchy, itchy throat and a plugged nose (with exploding sinus pain) made it awful hard to sleep. I decided to pass this sleep in day to Chainsaw. I will be drinking my weight in Traditional Medicinals and working on my tshirt rug.

Speaking of the tshirt rug, if you're looking for a perfect LAZY craft, this is it! I spent part of yesterday cutting up shirts, and it's going together fairly quickly with my gigantor crochet hook. I love a craft that I can work on while sitting on the couch watching Law & Order reruns.

I hope everyone has a great, germ free weekend.


Jenn said...

Feel's sucks to be sick!

Brenda said...

Bless your little heart. Hope you feel better soon.

Miranda said...

Aww being sick sucks! But sitting on the couch, crocheting and watching Law and Order will def help. Oh and i wanted to let you know i have a giveaway on my it out, enter if you like. Spread the word :)

jannza said...

I am sick this weekend too with a terrible cold. You'll find me working on my crochet enjoying the many colors and warmth of the yarn on this bitter weekend. Hope you feel better soon!