Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just got dressed before noon for no reason?

What? And I vacuumed the rug too?

I babysit a sweet little girl and her funny little brother twice a week, and on those days I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, and clean up my house as much as possible before they come at 9. That is a LOT for me to do that early. I go back and forth between being a morning person and being a morning dreading person. I think it depends on how well I'm sleeping.

When my relationship with the Chainsaw was fresh and new, we had a huge time difference between us. He was seven hours ahead of me in The Netherlands. I would go to bed early, like 8 or 9 (do you see why I wasn't super cool in college?) so I could successfully get up at 5 or 6 am to talk to him online for a bit before I had to go to class. Believe it or not, I liked this schedule. Maybe it was the excitement of internet flirting with my one true love? Maybe it was watching the sunrise? See how cute we were?


Anyway, that is no longer my schedule. Today I am all ready to babysit, but then I get the call that says the two year old is sick. again. That poor kid has been sick a lot lately, and his poor mama didn't want to inflict the germs on Felix.

So here I am, awake, dressed, and my house is cleaned up. I guess I better get to work! I have several new wristlets cut out and ready to be cute.


LollyChops said...

That is a sweet pic of you two...

...and I cannot imagine being anything BUT a morning person. I would love to go to bed by 8 every night and get up bright and early.. sigh.

Pawsitive Art said...

I'm a night owl.. I like to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning and then sleep until 11am. :D I'm more productive at night for some reason. I sit around and watch tv all day, chase the kids and take care of my dogs..then once the sun goes down I'm cleaning, doing laundry and painting. Now that I have another little one this schedule is causing me a lot of problems.