Monday, January 5, 2009

Work, huh? What's that?

I have been lazy. Gloriously lazy. My sewing machine has not been plugged in since before we left for SD. My floors are dirty, my rugs need vacuumed, my laundry needs folding, but I don't really care.

Today seems like a good day to get back to work though. Chainsaw headed down to Denver after a four day weekend. If he can do it, I think I should be able to also! My only obstacle today is sick kid. Sick kid wants to stay in his bed (WEIRD. He must really be sick if he'd rather hang out there by himself). Sick kid has a chest full of junk. He coughs so hard he gags. His breath is not good. I try not to smell it if possible. However, sick kid has adorable sweat induced curly hair. He is sweet, thanking me for every drink of water, every cool wash cloth face wipe, every kiss on the forehead. Today is day three, and I think the sickness is on its way out. All the resting must be doing some good. I can't wait to have this happy guy back:

Felix and Ross

So maybe if sick kid sleeps a bit longer I can get to work. I have a few custom orders I need to work on, and I won some adorable pear fabric from Lolly that I'm supposed to be making into an apron. I have also won a couple giveaways that I'll soon be documenting. I would love to do another giveaway here soon. It's always good to pay back the universe for things generously given to you. Oh wait, I'd have to get to work for that, right? Yikes!

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