Friday, January 16, 2009

The thrifted linen strikes again

If you're looking for the giveaway, it's HERE. The cut off is still tomorrow night at 7pm mountain time.

I've been working hard to make that pair of linen pants into as many cool things as possible. Here are the creations I've finished today:

Recycled Linen Pouch

I love this one. I found a ginormous jumble of this lace at a thrift store. I'm assuming it's old because it looks it. It also looks super pretty.

I also decided to try my hand at some embroidered change pouches, like this one:

Recycled Linen Pouch

and this one:

Recycled Linen Pouch

Um, I like hearts, ok?

I also finished a couple more Love Bullets pouches with red guns, but you know what those look like.

You guys are blowing me away on the giveaway post. The clothesline seems pretty popular. I'm thinking I should make some more. Maybe one with all undies?!? Sorry, but the undies are my favorite part. My family home didn't have air conditioning until after I moved out (like right after, thanks for all the suffering ma!), so we had to hang all our clothes out to dry. Dryers = hot house. My mom always said to hang the undies in the back so the passersby couldn't see them. Consider upcoming undies pouches my late rebellion!

Some things I'm going to work on:

1. Make a sweet list of all the blogs that promoted my give away and post it here. I haven't had time to check them all out, but I've seen some pretty cool stuff on the ones I have looked at.

2. Shop update. I know I said Sunday, but I might try to put a few things up sooner. I have to wait until after the drawing to list the pouches in the giveaway post. One of them won't be available because it will be living at your house or wherever you decide it needs to live. The winner will have the huge responsibility of deciding if they're going to keep it for themselves (and if so, what you're going to do with it!) or give it to a friend. I am the tangent master!

3. Relax. I think I'm going to do this one first. :D

Have a great Friday night. I'll meet you by the bike rack around the corner tomorrow night for the random number generated "drawing."


Jenn said...

That pouch you posted today with the lace is so cute! You should definetly make more of the one with the clothes line...would definely be a best seller! Love your creations!!

Miranda said...

Yes the clothesline one, I would love to see one with all cute would that be???

Pawsitive Art said...

Ohhhhhh I'm lovin those heart change purses. Reminds me of the 80's, which is where I am stuck against my will. :) Since everyone is so in love with the close line bag that means I get the cat one regardless right? HEHEHE!
Keep'm coming! Great stuff!!

Allie said...

Oh, I LOVE the one with the lace!

valerie2350 said...

nice work!!!
I like the one in the middle with the rainbow hearts

Reluctant Housewife said...

Nice! I love the lace one. I like the embroidery, too. I've been reading a book about embroidery and you're inspiring me to try it myself.

Melissa said...

oooooooh. i love the heart ones..

mara said...

these are beautiful, ashley ann. i didn't sign up for your giveaway because i already have so many pouches of my own but i really love your work!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially the one at the top!