Monday, January 19, 2009

"Hiking" with Felix

Today it was 65 degrees. Did you see that? Do you know what month it is? Do you know what season it is? It was glorious, truly glorious. That said, I don't like it on principle. I feel like the weather is fooling me.

Weather: I'm so warm today.
Ashley: I know, it's like spring is coming!
Weather: HA! It's January yo. I can snow on you again, and I will!

Weather seems to be serious about trying to fool me. The forecast for this week says 50+ everyday, which is what today said, and it was actually 65.

Anywho, I packed up the family to go "hiking today." By family, I meant Felix and Nana. The Chainsaw isn't feeling too hot today. By hiking, I mean going on a walk on a trail. Felix called it hiking. Our favorite walking place is technically on a farm (but also has public trails). There are cows!


There are sticks you can pick up and use to poke at cow pies (after your dog is done sniffing them, of course).

Felix and Nana

You can declare yourself "Jogging Boy," and jog far ahead of yo mama.


You can pick up rocks and throw them in the bushes. Mom says no throwing rocks in the house, but it is ok here as long as there isn't anything alive in your strike zone.


The sun shines brightly.

Sunny day

And if you're really lucky, the cows will be having a feast on the way back to the car.


Whatever good ol' weather is up to, I guess I'll take it for a bit. I wish it really was time for spring!


Miranda said...

Looks like the perfect day for your "hike" I only wish it would ahve been that warm here. We got our first snow today, so my boys got to go out and throw snow at each other....think my oldes would prefer to throw rocks though...wonderful pictures as well.

Brenda said...

Here in Tennessee it has been high 20 for about a week. But by Thursday 55 degrees. Of course here the normal for winter is 40.
Glad you had a wonderful hike.

Kate said...

What a fantastic place to go walking!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Looks like fun!