Thursday, March 11, 2010

7 Things

I read this from Crissybell this morning, and I thought it might be fun to play along!

1. I met Chainsaw when I was 14 on an online poetry forum he ran called Enter The Muse. He wasn't my boyfriend or anything until I after I met him in person on a trip to Amsterdam with Laura in 2004. I called dibs on him at the airport! haha

2. Felix was born at home in our bed. I spent most of my pregnancy being scared of giving birth in the Netherlands, where if you want drugs you better give birth during the day when the doctors are there for that. I started doing birth research when we moved to America and decided hospitals and drugs are scarier than doing it at home.

3. I didn't know I had curly hair until I was 17.

4. I graduated early, second in my class. By the end of the year I was down a few spaces, but that's because my classmates had an extra semester to beat me out of position. I'm pretty sure Laura was number 1!

5. I've never broken a bone, knock on wood!

6. I dropped out of college, which I hated bad, to move to the Netherlands to live with Chainsaw.

7. I'm kind of addicted to taking baths and not for getting clean. That's what the shower is for! I like long, super hot baths, in which I read and sweat until the water gets cold. Then I take a shower if I need one. Dear water, I'm sorry I don't conserve you so well, but you feel so good. :D

I'm not going to tag anyone either, but please let me know if you decide to play along!

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Becky Farley said...

I love this! You are an interesting gal :)

I quite school too bc I HATED it with half a year to go, my parents wanted to murder me lol and I love bathes too -hotter the better, you know when it kinda makes you dizzy! Sudoku or reading in the tub is the best!

I like this lil get to know you post ;)