Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come meet my new lady friend

Photo on 2010-03-04 at 17.14 #2

We met at an estate sale, and she is the cutest camera I've ever seen. Does anyone have a good film source? She won't go steady until she gets her film. Kind of demanding, huh?


Becca said...

Hey class mate from Indie Business 2.0, I found your blog on the Club Indie.

Check out currently they are the only ones producing instant film, other than Fuji (and Fuji's is only for their cameras). It is very hard to find instant film anymore since Polaroid stopped making it a couple years ago.

Jennifer said...

Hubby is a professional photographer and does have a few sources for film; there is some film available on ebay. The Impossible Project is not actually making any film yet, but are working on getting it going. They are to announce whether or not the impossible is even possible near the end of this month.